I agree to pay the total amount of the reservation as stated above and with the following conditions.

ARTICLE 1. PARTIES: On the one hand, Turan Güneş Boulevard Rabindranath Tagore Cad. (4. Cad.) 697. Sok. No: 3 Çankaya / Ankara, Vivaldi Hotel (briefly referred to as HOTEL) and the resident at the address (hereinafter referred to as Customer) have reached a full agreement on the following issues.

ARTICLE 2. SUBJECT: This contract is made by the Customer, through the HOTEL; It includes the reservation on behalf of all persons involved in the purchase of products / services within the framework of the conditions described below. ARTICLE 3. PAYMENTS:

3.1. 100% of the reservation price is taken in cash or by credit card at the time of registration.


4.1. If the customer wishes to extend the accommodation period, the accommodation period may be extended after making the request and payment. In the cancellation of the reservation, a deduction is made in the rate of cancellation conditions of the hotels.

4.2. Unless otherwise stated, it is forbidden to bring into the facilities smelling, flowing, flammable or explosive items or items that cause disturbance to the environment, sharp piercing, firearms and all kinds of animals.

4.3. The HOTEL is not responsible for any theft, loss or damage that may occur during the customer’s accommodation in the facilities.

4.4. The customer’s check-in time at the hotel is after 16:00. The latest time of leaving the hotel is 11.00.

4.5 If the customer requests a change on the reservation date, he / she will pay at the hotel price valid for the new date.


5.1. The invoice will be deducted after the date of departure of the customer and sent by mail or cargo to the address given by the customer during the reservation. 5.2. This fee includes all services specified separately in the reservation. Unspecified services and extra products and services to be purchased at the hotel are subject to extra charges.

5.3. The customer agrees and undertakes to pay 100% of the reservation amount in advance.



7.1. The HOTEL cannot be held responsible for events arising from natural events, social events, international relations, technical malfunctions, strikes and protests that may occur between the dates of the Hotel reservation specified in this contract, or due to the hotel’s incomplete or inadequate service.


8.1 This contract is exclusively related to the hotel reservation, and the HOTEL has fulfilled its contractual obligation by obtaining the reservation confirmation from the accommodation facility by making the final reservation of the customer at the foreseen accommodation facility, following the signing of this contract by taking the customer’s final reservation request. After the final reservation is provided by the HOTEL, the agency is not liable for any problems arising from the accommodation facility or the customer in the realization of the reservation. and undertakes.

8.2. If the customer complains about any situation during the stay, he agrees not to demand any compensation or refund if he uses the service partially or to the end.

8.3 If the customer complains about the service received in the hotel within the date of the hotel reservation and wants to leave, he must notify the hotel and the HOTEL in writing. If the HOTEL can take back the payment made by the customer for the reservation from the hotel, it will make the refund payment to the customer.

8.4. The HOTEL has announced the qualifications and star ratings of the accommodation facility it promises to make a reservation, and the information about the services foreseen in the accommodation facility, based on the declaration and brochures of the accommodation facility, and the hotel is there is no liability. This liability is the sole responsibility of the accommodation facility, and the customer acknowledges and declares that he has the right to claim and compensate exclusively against the accommodation facility due to this standard deficiency or service defects. In the event that the accommodation facility does not meet the stipulated standards or is not able to provide services at these standards on the date of the start of the accommodation, the HOTEL has the right to make a reservation and to accommodate the customer in order to accommodate the customer in another accommodation facility in the same vicinity. If the customer does not accept such a change, he accepts and declares that 35% of the total price of the reservation will be deducted from him.

8.5. The scope of the coverage for incomplete or defective performance, damage, loss and loss of consumers who purchase travel insurance service is determined by the policy of the insurance company that provides this service. The HOTEL does not bear any responsibility regarding the content, scope or application of these guarantees.

8.6. The customer undertakes to read and sign this contract after receiving all kinds of information about the hotel, which was signed with this hotel reservation and mentioned in the contract, and cannot hold the HOTEL responsible for the complaints arising from the lack of service and defective goods received at the hotel.

8.7. Even if the customer has not signed this hotel reservation agreement by purchasing mail order, virtual pos, money order or EFT, for any reason, he has learned the terms of this agreement, which will be valid between the parties, through the catalog, website or advertisements, and have committed to receive.

8.8. If there is a conflict between the copy of the contract remaining in the consumer and the copy remaining in the HOTEL, the remaining copy records at the HOTEL will be taken as basis. All kinds of e-mail, fax messaging, telephone call records between the parties will be deemed as definitive evidence and company records will be the basis. The parties acknowledge and agree that their address and phone number are the addresses and phones for all kinds of communication and notification, and they accept and declare that unless any change in these addresses and phones is notified in writing to the other party, all kinds of notifications and notifications to be made to the address and phone numbers will be made to them. .

8.9. Turan Güneş Boulevard Rabindranath Tagore Cad. (4. Cad.) 697. Sok. No: 3 Çankaya / Ankara notification will be valid. In addition, for the debtor who does not pay his debt, the declaration that I have obtained my legal residence and the notifications to be made to the mentioned place will be deemed to have been made to me, even if I am not in that place, the notification will not be returned and the notification will be applied in the 21st article of the law, and if I do not notify the HOTEL in writing, I accept that I will not object to the notifications to be made.

8.10. For the settlement of disputes arising from the contract, the parties have jointly determined and accepted the arbitration authority of the TÜRSAB Arbitration Board, and they agree that no application will be made before both consumer problems arbitration committees and consumer courts, and that the issue will be settled by arbitration. Ankara Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized for the lawsuits and enforcement proceedings to be filed regarding the settlement of arbitration decisions and other objections.


9. With this document, I authorize the HOTEL to collect the reservation fee with my credit card whose number is written above. In the event that my debt cannot be collected from my credit card account, it accepts and undertakes to pay with a maturity difference over the credit card interest rate, I read, understood, accepted and signed a copy of this agreement, which consists of 3 pages arranged on our behalf. Please send to after signing this agreement. Address: Turan Güneş Bulvarı Rabindranath Tagore Cad. (4. Cad.) 697. Sok. No: 3 Cankaya / Ankara