VIVALDI HOTEL has accepted as a principle to ensure the confidentiality of the information shared by you who visit the website. For this reason, during the operation of website (“Site”) operated by this “Vivaldi Hotel (” Company “), Site users / visitors (” Data Owner “) share with the Company or the Company’s Data Owner ‘ It was created with the aim of informing you by explaining the terms and conditions regarding the use of the personal data generated by you while using the Site. The service provided by VIVALDI HOTEL will be briefly referred to as “Service”.


Within the framework of the “Privacy Policy”, you will receive all kinds of information that can be associated with you such as address and telephone information, occupation information, IP address, bank account information (“Personal Data”, especially personal information pertaining to your identity (name, surname, TR identity number, etc.) ) and Special Qualified Personal Data, which is a special type of this, is race, ethnic origin, political opinion, philosophical belief, religion, sect or other beliefs, costume and dress, association, foundation or union membership, health, sexual life, criminal conviction and It refers to sensitive personal data (“Special Qualified Personal Data”) such as your data related to security measures and your biometric and genetic data and forms the subject of this “Privacy Policy”.


As part of the service provided, VIVALDI HOTEL may collect, store and / or transfer personal information about you, the service user, within the scope of this “Privacy Policy”. Such personal data processing activities are carried out in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law No.6698 (“KVKK”).

Our site contains links to third party websites and your data can be transferred to third parties. This “Privacy Policy” does not reflect the privacy practices of third parties to whom information is transferred and VIVALDI HOTEL is not responsible for their privacy policies and / or personal data processing activities. This “Privacy Policy” includes applications beyond VIVALDI HOTEL’s control, information collected by third-party websites and / or platforms, information collected by third parties through links on the VIVALDI HOTEL website, or third party sponsored and / or participated by VIVALDI HOTEL. It does not include headlines, campaigns and other advertisements or promotions on websites. VIVALDI HOTEL is not responsible for the transactions made for the personal data collected, stored and used by third parties through their own websites, and if you provide personal information on these sites and / or use / visit these sites, the privacy policy and terms of service on those sites apply.


Under this heading, some of your personal information is processed by the Company within the scope of the Services provided on the Site. This personal information may include: Your identity information, contact information, user / customer transaction information (required information directly related to your reservation, information about your stay and visit at the Hotel, information about your purchase of products or services, etc.), your payment information, with you Information of the people who are staying, records regarding your marketing and communication preferences, your IP address, the pages you view on our site, the data that identifies your mobile device if you visit our site with your mobile device, and any other information that you expressly choose to give to us or that we can obtain from third parties with your express consent. Information can be collected, processed and recorded by us.

In addition, cookies are used on the Site in order to improve the user experience, to ensure the efficient operation of the website and to monitor statistical data. Some of the personal data mentioned above can be obtained using cookies and users are deemed to have accepted the use of these cookies by using the Site. You can review the VIVALDI HOTEL Cookie Policy to get detailed information about the function of cookies, which type of cookies are used, the purpose of use and data transfers to third parties and to change your cookie preferences.

Data that is irreversibly anonymized is not considered as personal data in accordance with the KVKK, and the processing activities related to this data are carried out without being bound by the provisions of this Privacy Policy.


Your personal information is the best way to provide the service you request from VIVALDI HOTEL, to fulfill your demands and expectations with the products and services offered to you, to provide our customers with the desired level of hospitality and personal experience, to ensure that our customers benefit from our products and services. done by our units; Providing correspondence, notification and reservation confirmations regarding our hotel and accommodation services; offering products and services customized according to the likes, usage habits and needs of the relevant people; Follow-up and evaluation of requests, suggestions and complaints from relevant persons, customer satisfaction management and implementation of planning, statistics and satisfaction evaluation studies within this scope; It can be processed for the purposes of determining and implementing commercial, legal and business strategies, ensuring the legal, technical and commercial-business security of the Company and the relevant persons in business relations with the Company, and conducting business and commercial relations.

Your personal information can also be processed for purposes such as conducting quality assessment and improvement studies in order to provide better and more reliable products and services and to ensure sustainability, and to ensure that third parties perform their technical, logistics and other similar functions on our behalf as a service provider.

In addition, your personal information can be used for advertising and marketing activities for our products and services, informing about promotion, promotion, campaign, offer, bulletin, events and similar issues and other marketing communications, provided that you have your express consent.

We process your personal data that we collect for the above purposes based on one or more of the following legal reasons:

-Have your explicit consent,
-Turkey make the necessary processing of the provisions of the laws and regulations in force in the Republic,
-It is necessary for the protection of the life or body integrity of you or someone else when you are unable to disclose your consent due to the actual impossibility
-It is necessary for the performance of the contract we have concluded with your party or company,
– It is necessary to process your personal data in order to fulfill our legal obligations,
– Your personal data is made public by you,
-It is necessary for the exercise or protection of our legal or contractual rights as a company,
– The processing of your personal data is necessary for our legitimate interest, provided that it does not harm your fundamental rights and freedoms.

We keep all your personal data we process in accordance with the periods required by the KVKK and other legislation and by taking all necessary administrative and technical measures, as long as the above legitimate purposes are not eliminated.


The Company will be able to transfer the personal data of the Data Owner to third parties in Turkey and abroad who provide services to our Company in order to achieve the purposes determined by this Privacy Policy, limited to the provision of such services.

The Company uses your personal data to improve the Data Owner experience (including improvement and personalization), to ensure the security of the Data Owner, to detect fraudulent or unauthorized use, to make operational evaluations, to correct errors regarding Site services and any of the purposes stated in this Privacy Policy Support for outsourcing service providers, law offices, authorized institutions and organizations, research companies, storage, archiving, information technology support (server, hosting, software, cloud computing, etc.) It can be shared with third parties such as service providers and consultancy firms we receive.

In addition, some of the personal data specified in this “Privacy Policy” and obtained by VIVALDI HOTEL can be shared with the advertisers only together with the information of other users in order to ensure that the ads can be adapted to the target audience. In this context, no personal information is given in any way, it is used only for the purpose of making some analyzes regarding user trends as a group, performing statistical studies by anonymizing the information and for segmentation.

VIVALDI HOTEL may disclose your Personal Data for any of the following reasons: (i) in line with legal requirements; (ii) in order to comply with administrative and judicial proceedings and requests of administrative or judicial authorities; (iii) to enforce the Terms of Service; (iv) to protect its operations; (v) In order to take reasonable measures to protect the rights, privacy, security or property of VIVALDI HOTEL, you or third parties, or to make it possible to limit the damages that may be encountered.

Only users can access all the information shared on the Site and can only change this information themselves. It is not possible for any third party other than VIVALDI HOTEL to access or change this information without your consent.

When you make a transaction on the Site, you accept that your financial information will be provided to third parties (banks, credit card companies, etc.) that are required to perform your transaction. The information to be shared includes all necessary financial information including credit card number, expiration date, CVV2. Such information is not processed or stored by VIVALDI HOTEL. However, the current summary transaction information can be processed by VIVALDI HOTEL without including credit card and / or bank account information regarding the transaction in question.


We would like to state that you have the following rights regarding your data being processed within the company:

(1) Learning whether your personal data is being processed,
(2) If your personal data are being processed, obtaining information about them,
(3) To learn what the purpose of processing your personal data and whether your personal data is used in accordance with its purpose,
(4) To learn who are the third parties to whom data is transferred at home or abroad, if any, and which data are transferred,
(5) Request rectification in case of incomplete or incorrect personal data processed,
(6) In case your personal data is corrected, deleted or destroyed, requesting that these transactions be notified to third parties to whom your personal data has been transferred,
(7) To request the deletion or destruction of your personal data processed in the event that the reasons requiring the processing of your personal data disappear or your personal data becomes out of date,
(8) To object to the occurrence of a result against you by analyzing your processed personal data exclusively through automated systems,
(9) You have the right to demand the compensation of the damage in case you suffer damage due to unlawful processing of your personal data.

You can review the Clarification Text on the Protection of Personal Data for the application procedures regarding your requests above, and fill in the Application Form within the Scope of KVKK in writing or with a registered e-mail address, secure electronic signature, mobile signature or the ones that you have previously notified to us and registered in our system. You can send it via your e-mail address.

Your requests will be evaluated free of charge as soon as possible and within thirty days at the latest, depending on the nature of the request.

We can accept the requests directed to the Company or reject them by explaining the reason and we can convey this response to the person who made the request in writing or electronically. If the request is accepted, as the Company, we are obliged to fulfill the request immediately. If your requests are rejected by the Company, if you are not satisfied with the answer given by the Company, or if you are not answered, you can complain to the Personal Data Protection Board within 30 days from the date the response is notified to you, and within 30 days from the end of the 30-day period.

Apart from this, if you do not want to receive any commercial electronic messages regarding the Service provided by VIVALDI HOTEL, you can also use your right of rejection free of charge with a notification to


VIVALDI HOTEL will keep your Personal Data for the period required by the processing purposes specified in this “Privacy Policy”, unless a longer retention period is required or permitted by the relevant legislation.

In addition, in the event of any conflict that may arise between the Data Owner and the Company, the Company will be able to store personal data for the duration of the limitation period determined in accordance with the relevant legislation, limited to the purpose of making the necessary defenses within the scope of the dispute.


VIVALDI HOTEL, to keep personal information strictly confidential, to consider it as a confidentiality obligation and to provide the necessary and reasonable protections to protect the confidentiality, security and integrity of personal data, to prevent any loss, abuse, unlawful use or change of personal data and It undertakes to take all necessary measures and show due diligence in order to prevent all or any part of the information from entering the public domain or unauthorized use or disclosure to a third party, without prejudice to legal obligations.

In case of linking to other applications through the site, the Company does not bear any responsibility for the privacy policies and contents of the applications.


VIVALDI HOTEL may change the content of this Privacy Policy at any time in order to keep the privacy and data protection principles up to date and to comply with the relevant legislation. The changed Privacy Policy will be announced on the VIVALDI HOTEL website. Therefore, we recommend that you review the Privacy Policy periodically. The Privacy Policy provisions amended by VIVALDI HOTEL become effective on the date they are published on the Site. Continuing to use the site after the change is made will mean that the changes have been accepted by you.


You can send your questions, reservations or complaints about the interpretation or implementation of this Policy to the following contact addresses.

Contact information:


Address: Turan Güneş Bulvarı Rabindranath Tagore Cad. (4. Cad.) 697. Sok. No: 3 Cankaya / Ankara